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Exciting News!

Swaty X Kanda lenses and DIY kits are nearing completion and we are gearing up to share them with you! As you can see below, our lenses have been expertly modeled by Ry Swaty and provide a unique balance between creative flare and ergonomic design. In this coming week, we plan to fill in some of the gaps between our printed pieces with more "armor" plating. Doing so will ensure maximum protection and durability. This has been quite a journey and each day brings us closer to our release date.


Before we release our lenses to the public we need photographers and cinematographers to test our product. This is where you come in. In the next few weeks we will provide you with more information regarding application process details on our Instagram @Kanda_Films. Two individuals will receive a trial lens for two weeks in which they can review our lenses and take test shots.

We will officially release our lenses after receiving the trial results. Our fully modded lenses only cost $150, allowing filmmakers and photographers an affordable way for achieving stunning visuals with rich personality. In the meantime, you may secure a lens from our first batch by contacting Get them while they last!

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