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Modded Lens Updates and Anamorphics!

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Ry and I are almost finished with our first modded lens. This lens includes an anamorphic aperture with orange flares and cine gears. We plan to add custom lens caps, mounts and 49mm to 77mm step up rings for filters. You can find some test shots of our newest lens below. Do you notice the oval bokeh and organic orange coloring?


As we plan to release our cine lenses, we want to share the joy of modding with you. We are creating DIY kits for you to mod your own lenses. These kits will be commission based and are set to include bokeh disks (your choice of shape and color), cine gears, lens caps and optional stepping rings and mounts. We may even release tutorials to help with modding certain lenses!


I received questions from multiple filmmakers asking how to break into the world of anamorphic lenses. Trust me, anamorphic lenses are confusing for beginners and they still sometimes confuse me. I have used two types of anamorphic lenses. The first are "true" anamorphic lens adaptors which are essentially an anamorphic projector lens attached to a taking lens (I use an Isco Micro and Helios 44-2). These cost about $700 to $2500. The other anamorphic lens is a "fake" replication of anamorphic lenses. These lenses do not feature anamorphic squeeze (2x or 1.33x) but are way cheaper. A little post production (Vashimorphic Plug In) can then digitally create the slight distortion of anamorphics. The extremely talented Tito Ferradans has done a lot of research on this subject if you want to read further.

Here's what I can tell you.


  • Real desqueeze

  • More convincing at first

  • Natural anamorphic flaring

  • Quite expensive

  • Heavy

  • Sometimes have heavy focus breathing


  • Cheap

  • Customizable

  • Strong Flares

  • Have bokeh flare lines down the middle *See Photo*

  • Light

  • Fixed aperture

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